Women's Ministry

All ladies are invited to participate in any of our Women's Ministries events.

Ladies Bible Study  ~  We have finished our book and are taking a Sabbatical until January 2018. Watch here for updates.
~ Please join us in Janury 2018 as we resume our Bible study every Sabbath at 2:30pm in the Fellowship Hall [unless otherwise announced]  Topic:  "__"

Coming Soon:  2017 Ladies Night Out ~ watch for details

2018 Women's Retreat ~ "Beautifully Rooted"
January 26-28, 2018
Tanaya Lodge
Guest Speakers:  Dr. Janice Browne & Carolann De Leon

2017 Women's Retreat

A baker's dozen stopped to take a picture though many
 more from our church were attending and having fun

"Celebrating God's Grace"
at Tenaya Lodge

Guest Speakers:  Pastor Elizabeth Talbot, Ph.D. & Shelley Quinn [3ABN]

 ... Watch here for class details ...

Coming Soon:  Spring Tea Party & Hat Day

Department Chair:  Angela Fraser
Contact Info:  650-967-2189
Email:  mvcwomensministry@gmail.com