Protection ~ Children & Church

Mountain View Central Seventh-Day Adventist Church
in conjunction with the Central California Conference,
Pacific Union Conference and the North American Division
believes in the protection of ALL minor children
while at onsite or offsite activites sponsored by the church.

To ensure this, we require:
  • ALL conference and local church employees [full-time, part-time] MUST complete a background check
  • ALL VOLUNTEER ADULTS [18+] who will be working with minor children to do a background check at our expense

  • Volunteer Drivers [21+] must show proof of valid Driver's license, Car Registration and Car Insurance [on all vehicles used for outings]  NOTE:  People under the age of 21 are not allowed to drive for church sponsored events


Background check instructions

Click on the First-Time Registrant Button to the left and follow the instructions on the screen. From the drop down menu, choose Pacific Union and Central California Conference. In order t begin the training, please click on "Child Protection Online Awareness Session". The course will take about 60 minutes to complete. The cost is $30 and will be billed to your department of place of employment (local church or school). Background checks are good for three [3] years and is transferrable to your church and school. To begin click the link below:

click here to complete your background check  [you will be leaving our website]

NOTE:  be sure to save your login ID and password in a secure place

click here for church-sponsored event volunteer driver's requirements

click here for volunteer driver's form

Please print out BOTH forms, fill-in, sign and turn into church office along with required documentation prior to event

Forms MUST be filled out and turned in for each adult driver [21+] and each vehicle you own that may be used.

ALL forms MUST be filled out and turned in:
   1) in advance of church-sponsored event
   2) every time you have a change in vehicle [registration renewal, driver's license renewal; insurance renewal; new vehicle]