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  • Prayer for my mother Norma sifers who suffers from a back problem. Pray for God to heal her and protect her. When she goes to sleep have the angels protect her and comfort her
    Anthony Decio - Sep 08 2018
  • Hi, Thank you for praying for me! Please can you pray that I repent to God for my sins. Second, I stop overthinking, and that I only think about positive things. Third, I need help with growing up. Forth, I need a strong prayer for obedience and the willingness to do what God ask me to do. Fifth, I need help with talking to God as a friend. Sixth, when God does answer the prayer to help me, please pray that I don’t resist help from the Holy Spirit. Next, I need help with focusing my attention on others and not myself. Lastly, I need to have a meaningful Bible study with God. Thank You SOO Very Much! Amber <3
    Amber Ralph - May 15 2018
  • Dear father, I have an opportunity at Section 8 housing I've been given a voucher, however I haven't had any time to go look for a place and I've been so busy with my family father trying to take care of my mother and my two grandchildren and go to school at the same time and with all the things that life throws at me, I haven't had time to search it out but I don't want to lose my housing voucher, can you please send me somebody that can hold my hand through the entire process Lord? I promise to do my part and look for an apartment and inquire online but that's the best I can do, this is unfamiliar to me, because right now I can't pull myself away everyday into Santa Cruz so please father help me find a place to bring the children, a nice place something roomy, and that isn't uncomfortable or dirty or high crime, and it has nice schools in it for my grandson to go to, and my granddaughter as well. father please help us financially you know the burdens that we bear and we ask for you to please fill our lives with love and care and lead us to our new home. All these things we ask in the name of Jesus we pray, Amen
    Carmen Ayala - Apr 22 2018
  • Bless Phil Chavez
    - Jul 02 2017
  • Please pray for my Grandmother Johanna Taleporos.. She doesn't recognize her family members anymore. Please pray that she has peace & forgiveness in her heart as we try to reconnect with her..
    Dawn Logan - Jun 28 2016
  • Please pray for me and my daughter God sees God hears and God knows Amen
    Gisela Dockhorn - Mar 05 2016