Adventist Giving Update

updated: 4/18/2017; revised 1/1/2018

The AdventistGiving updated their online site in 2017. Following is the information about their new look. If you have any questions, you may leave a message for the church treasurer at 650-967-2189 or email him at   

        Features included will be:

  • You will be able to go to and log into your member account instead of going to your church website. Once you log into your member account you can select the church you wish to donate to.
  • Recurring transactions — You will be able to set a future date for a single transaction as well as set up donations to occur periodically based on your chosen frequency.
  • Canadian members will now have access to a member wallet where they can store payment information for future use.
  • You may make a single donation that will not require you to create a member account.
  • We are working on an App, which we hope to release later this year which will provide a mobile friendly environment.
  • Church treasurers will have available to them both PDF and .csv reports of member giving.
  • Here are some screen shots that give you a preview.