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Dr. Shion O'Connor

Dr Shion O’Connor was born in Jamaica where he spent the first seven years of his ministry. He was then called to the Cayman Islands where he pastored for eighteen years. There he served in a number of offices, among them were Personal Ministries Director, Education Secretary, Family Ministries Director, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Director, and Men’s Ministry Coordinator and then as President. He has served on the Executive Committees of the General Conference, the Inter-American Division, the Atlantic Caribbean Union and a member of the Board of Governors for North Caribbean University.

Dr Shion O’Connor is a graduate of Northern Caribbean University with a Bachelor of Arts in Religion and Theology. He holds a Bachelor of Law with Honors from the University of Liverpool in England, a Masters in Human Services with emphasis in Marriage, Couples, and Family Counselling from Cappella University in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) in Clinical Psychology from the California Southern University.

In the Cayman Islands, Pastor O’Connor has served as a member of the Cayman Islands Constitution Modernization Committee and a member of the Standard in Public Life Commission, which monitors the transactions of the Cayman Islands Government and the conduct of persons in public office.

He is an outstanding evangelist, who has conducted campaigns in the Caribbean, North America, Europe and Africa. The Lord has blessed him with a unique method of presenting the gospel in childlike simplicity but with Holy Ghost boldness.

Dr. O'Connor and his wife have been married for thirty years and the have two adult children.

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