2018 Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2018-12-29 Be On The Watch Elder Jorge Rodriguez Play
2018-12-22 Mary, Did You Know? Dr. Shion O'Connor Play
2018-12-15 Mary Had a Lamb Pastor Shion O'Connor Play
2018-12-08 We Have Seen His Star Dr. Shion O'Connor Play
2018-11-24 Attitude of Gratitude Dr. Shion O'Connor.mp3 Play
2018-11-17 When Trouble Comes Pastor Dr Shion O'Connor Play
2018-11-16 Watch Those Chains Falling Pastor Shion O'Connor Play
2018-11-15 Pray By Faith Answer by Fire Dr. Shion O'Connor Play
2018-11-14 The Prayer Killer Dr. Shion O'Connor Play
2018-11-13 What One Prayer Can Do Dr. Shion O'Connor Play
2018-11-12 The Prayer That Moves The Hand of God Dr. Shion O'Connor Play
2018-11-11 God Must Be Deaf Dr. Shion O'Connor Play
2018-11-10 So You Want To Pray Dr. Shion O'Connor Play
2018-11-03 When the Son of Man Comes Dr. Shion O'Connor Play
2018-10-27 Let me not forget Dr. Shion O'Connor Play
2018-10-20 Is My Brother Still Home? Part 3 Dr. Shion O'Connor Play
2018-10-13 Chance Encounter Elder Eugene Sarsoza Play
2018-10-06 Is My Brother Still Home? Part 2 Dr. Shion O'Connor Play
2018-09-29 Is My Brother Still Home? Dr Shion O'Connor Play
2018-09-22 A Little More Oil in My Lamp Dr. Shion O'Connor Play
2018-09-15 Something Happened at Calvary Dr Shion O'Connor Play
2018-09-08 I am Impressed with Jesus Dr. Shion O'Connor Play
2018-09-01 Pastor Dedication & Sermon "Handle Me" Dr Shion O'Connor Play
2018-08-25 Heaven Is NOT THAT Important..**wait for it.. Lloyd Shand Play
2018-08-18 Prayer for Children Pastor Grant Agadjanian Play
2018-08-18 He Came and Touched The Open Coffin Pastor Grant Agadjanian Play
2018-08-17 Take Away The Stone Pastor Grant Agadjanian Play
2018-08-11 You Are The One Elder Steve Horton Play
2018-08-04 Choose This Day Who You Worship Brother Will Abbey Play
2018-07-21 Soquel Camp Meeting Pastor Wright Play
2018-07-07 Trials are Meant to Make You - Not Break You Stan Mackey, II Play
2018-06-30 Seeking Security Dr Sunia Fukofuka Play
2018-06-09 What Are You Hiding? Douglas Knecht Play
2018-06-02 Redeemed Elder Ramiro Cano, CCC President Play
2018-05-19 The Four Igredients of Faith Norm Cid Play
2018-05-12 What We Can Learn From Children Anne Fauni Play
2018-05-05 Are You Prepared for the Battle? Jorge Rodriguez Play
2018-04-28 Pray! Tendayi Mtangi Play
2018-04-21 PRAISE and "Stand" by Steve Tatum PRAISE and Steve Tatum Play
2018-04-14 This Day in History & The El Dorado Choir & Concert Band Gayle Norton, Principal Play
2018-04-07 Passover Lisa Spalita Play
2018-03-31 Giants Dwarfts and Wise Elder Sonjanae Shand Play
2018-03-17 GOD Why, Why, Why??? Elder Eugene Sarzosa Play
2018-03-11 Johanna Taleporos Memorial Pastor Curtis C. Church Play
2018-03-10 Are We Walking in The Way Jesus Wants Us to Walk? Elder Jorge Rodriguez Play
2018-03-03 Mini-Concert Monterey Bay Academy Choir and Oceanaires Monterey Bay Academy Choir and Oceanaires Play
2018-02-24 Pastor Grant Agadjanian afternoon Pastor Grant Agadjanian Play
2018-02-24 The Power of the Cross Pr. Grant Agadjanian Play
2018-02-17 What Husbands and Wives Need From One Another Dr Carlton Oler Play
2018-02-17 What Happened To Commitment? Dr Carlton Oler Play
2018-02-16 Husbands and Wives Panel Dr Carlton Oler Play
2018-02-10 Will a Real Witness Please Take a Stand Dr. Carlton Oler Play
2018-01-27 The Shepherd and the Goats Dr. Ed Urbina, CCC Life Hope Center Play
2018-01-06 New Beginnings Elder Lisa Spalitta Play