Healing Hearts Healing Homes~Quispe

Seminars were held June 3-10, 2017 at our church.
The audio messages were recorded live during the seminars.
Presentations were given to us by the speaker so you can view them while listening to the seminars.

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Dr. Rene  & Alvy Quispe present "Healing Hearts Healing Homes

To listen to the recorded audio seminars and view presentations, click the seminar titles below:
Sab, Jun 03 ~ audio: "Learning to Love";  presentation: "Learning to Love"
Sab, Jun 03 ~ audio: "Two Sources of Love"; presentation: "Two Sources of Love"
Sun, Jun 04 ~ audio: "Do Not Judge"; presentation: "Do Not Judge"
Mon, Jun 05 ~ audio: "Understanding Personality"; presentation: "Understanding Personality"
Tue, Jun 06 ~ audio: "How to Discipline the Heart of Our Children"; presentation: "How to Discipline the Heart of Our Children"
Wed, Jun 07 ~ audio: "Free From Anger"; presentation: "Free From Anger"
Thu, Jun 08 ~ audio: "Healing and Forgiveness"; presentation: "Healing and Forgiveness"
Fri, Jun 09 ~ audio: "Two Paths"; presentation: "Two Paths"
Sab, Jun 10 ~ audio: "Living in the Spirit"; presentation: "Living in the Spirit"
Sab, Jun 10 ~ audio: "Celebrating the Victory"; presentation: none available for this session