Background Check Instructions


The North American Division has requested that all church members 18 years of age and older who interact with minor children [17 and under] complete an online background check effective immediately. This is to ensure the safety of our minor children.

Please use the following steps to sign‐up and register [you will need to create a
userid name and password / you may desire to write down your userid name and password for future use and keep in a safe place]:

 1. Go to:   [click here]  [you will leave our website]
 2. Click:                                   "Adult" option
 3. Click:                                   "Adult Signup"
 4. Choose organization:         "Seventh-day Adventist"
 5. Select Union:                      "Pacific
 6. Select:                                "Central California Conference"
 7. If correct:                            "Confirm"
 8. User Type:                          “Volunteer” [unless employed by CCC]
 9. Location:                             “Church
10. Where Located:                 “Mountain View, CA
11. Location Name:                 “Mountain View Central SDA Church
12. Primary Position: click:      “Department Name”  [i.e. Elders; Deacons; Teacher‐Sabbath School;  
Children’s Ministry; Adventurers; Pathfinders; etc..]


Once you are registered you may begin the course associated with this background check.  The course will take about 1 1/2 hours to complete.

  • Upon completion of the course please print out your “certificate of completion”
  • Be sure to print give a copy to your department chair and/or church clerk for the church records

Background Check Process cost is $30.00 per person and is valid for 3 years. 
The system will not ask you for any money. Our church will be billed by the conference office automatically.

If you have time limits, you can stop in the middle. When you log back on the system will automatically take you to the page where you stopped.

Once cleared, the church will be notified by the conference.  At this time you will be able to work with children (ages 0-17) in Sabbath School, Children’s Ministries, VBS, Pathfinders, Children's Choirs and any other church-sponsored event where minor children attend at any of our churches and schools throughout the North American Division.

If you desire, you may choose not to do a background check; however, you will be required to be supervised around minor children [except your own] by someone who is cleared.

Please have your background checks completed as soon as possible.

Thank you

Your Pastoral Staff