The mission of the Adventurer clubs within the Central California Conference [CCC] is to support parents and care-givers in leading and encouraging their children in a growing, joyful love relationship with Jesus Christ. The Adventurer program works to fulfill the gospel commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and depends on the support of a congregation strong in mission and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Strength the connection with Jesus by:

    1) Learning it!

    2) Living it!
    3) Teaching it!


Adventurers is a full ministry. This ministry connects each child with the mission and purpose of the church through contact with:  Christ; Christian Mentors; Scripture; the Church; the Creator; the Community; Family and Self

  1. Develop a Christ-like character
  2. Experience the joy and satisfaction
  3. Express their love for Jesus in a natural way
  4. Learn good sportsmanship and strengthen their ability to get along with others
  5. Discover their God-given abilities and to know how to use them benefit self and serve others
  6. Improve their understanding of what makes families strong

    Grade 1:  Busy Bee
    Grade 2:  Sunbeam
    Grade 3:  Builder
    Grade 4:  Helping Hand
Eager Beavers:  Kindergarten
Little Lambs:  2-Pre-Kindergarten




General funds purchase supplies to run club; pays travel expenses [other than Oshkosh]; supplies for honors and crafts; registration fees to attend conference events; and other items as needed
Uniform funds pay for uniform parts, including scarves/slides; pins and award patches earned by Adventurers during the year

Club Meetings ~ We meet Saturdays at 2:30pm in the Primary Room 

Club Email ~
Club Director
 ~ Makaleta Kata
Club Secretary/Treasurer ~ TBA
Club Pastor ~ TBA
Adult Support  ~ TBA
Club Membership ~ 
Girls and boys 
Safety ~ All staff and adult support [18+] are required to be background checked for the children's safety

We need 'Prayer Warriors';   Please pray for our club; All prayers are greatly appreciated