2017 Tax Donations


In order for your tithes & offerings to be reported for the 2017 tax year, please ensure the following:

  • Cash must be turned in and/or received by 9:00AM on Sunday, December 31st
  • Checks must be dated in December 2017 and mailed/postmarked by December 31st

Tithes & Offerings may be placed in a tithe envelope or regular envelope [with a note stating where your donation is to be applied] and dropped through the office door mail box.

If you have any questions, please contact the church treasurer directly at mvcsdatreasurer@gmail.com

To ensure the deductibility of your church contributions, please do not file your 2017 income tax return until you have received a written acknowledgment of your contributions from the church.  Some contributions may not be tax-deductible if you file your tax return before receiving a written acknowledgment of your contributions from the church.

We will let everyone know when they can pick up their contribution report via email and robo-call.